Covid-19: Safety Precautions for Clients

COVID-19: Additional safety precautions for clients

Ensuring your safety during our polygraph tests

At Global Polygraph Solutions we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our clients, and we recognise that safety is of paramount importance. In order to mitigate increased risks when undertaking a lie detector test in the current coronavirus environment, we have introduced the following measures:

At the time of booking, the examinee will be asked whether, at any stage during the 14-day period leading up to the polygraph examination, the examinee or the one additional person accompanying them to the examination (if required), or any person in their respective households or homes, has had any of the following symptoms:

  • An increased temperature or fever
  • A new and persistent dry cough
  • A lack of taste or smell

If – within 14 days before the examination date – any of these symptoms develops in anyone planning to attend the examination, then please inform the examiner immediately. A further assessment of the viability of undertaking the examination will take place.

The following additional precautionary measures will be introduced to enhance the safety of all parties during the course of the examinations:

  • No more than two people, excluding the examiner, can attend any polygraph examination.
  • Excluding the examinee, third parties to the examination can now be interviewed via video, rather than having to attend the examination in person. Please discuss this option with the examiner prior to undertaking the lie detector test.
  • Social distancing will be maintained for all parts of the lie detector test, except when attaching the various sensors; there will be no skin to skin contact.
  • Immediately prior to the examination, those attending will have the following tests done to indicate that they are not infected with the COVID-19 virus:
    • A “non-contact” thermometer will be used to determine body temperature.
    • A “pulse oximeter” will be used to measure blood/oxygen concentration.

In the event that either of these tests indicates that the examinee may have COVID-19 (Temperature above 37.7°C/100°F or Blood/Oxygen below 95%), the examination will not proceed at that time and alternative arrangements will be made.

  • The examiner and examinees and any other attendees will be issued with personal protective equipment including:
    • Face masks covering mouth and nose.
    • Face visors covering from the forehead to the neck area.
    • Disposable protective gloves to be warn during the examination.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaners will be available during the examination; all parties will be required to clean their hands before the examination.
  • The polygraph equipment will, as is normal practice, be thoroughly cleaned before issue to each client. New ultraviolet sterilising equipment will be used immediately prior to each examination.