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Polygraph examiners led by a New Scotland Yard-trained professional

When your or your family’s future happiness, reputation or security is at stake, it’s reassuring to know you’re dealing with the time-proven professionals.

We’ve undertaken interviews in some of the most perplexing investigations for over 35 years. We’ve helped solve complex cases across the globe. Our clients have found closure, certainty and confirmation in diverse circumstances. Our experience has equipped us for success in any investigative challenge you may bring to us.

Leading the quest for truth

Our founder and lead polygraph examiner

Founder and director of the company, David Thompson, retired as a Detective Superintendent from New Scotland Yard after 30 years’ exemplary service. His unique and varied career path spans 28 years as a Detective, working in the following specialist squads:

  • Drugs Squad
  • Regional/National Crime Squad
  • Money Laundering Team
  • Detective Inspector, Flying Squad (Armed robbery)
  • Head of Witness Protection Unit
  • Head of Counter Terrorism Surveillance

After retirement from the Metropolitan Police he went on to lead an international team of investigators for the United Nations-mandated Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The task? Investigating the assassination of the Lebanese prime minister and multiple murders and terrorism offences.

David undertook these investigations in several jurisdictions. He led high profile interviews, both of victims and witnesses. These included senior politicians, top military figures and other prominent public personalities.

Qualities to look for in a polygraph examiner

David has been vetted to the highest level. He has dealt with matters related to national security and has solved cases where individuals’ lives were at risk. His proven track record testifies to an aptitude for making prudent decisions in time-critical situations.

He has undertaken several Internal Investigations that required particular tact and diplomacy. This was to ensure that the investigations would be conducted in a discreet manner in order to achieve the optimum outcome. Tact, diplomacy, discretion… these are all qualities that our clients value highly.

A high-tech tool to complement a detective’s well-honed skill-set

Whilst at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, he had several Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers and intelligence analysts working on his team. He learnt from them that “polygraph examinations” are an essential part of both their recruitment and investigative processes.

All members of the RCMP, FBI, DEA and CIA are required to take screening examinations. These exams are also often used to determine the truthfulness of informants, particularly in “High Risk Threat to Life” operations; this has led to significant savings of vital resources.

David recognised the potential of the polygraph, enhancing his interviewing capabilities to find the truth. His research confirmed the benefits of using this technique, when correctly administered. He decided to change career paths and take up this new methodology for conducting interviews. He successfully graduated from the British Polygraph Academy and formed Global Polygraph Solutions to undertake this work in conjunction with other members of the British Polygraph Network.

Institutional credentials – your assurance

When considering the services of a polygraph examiner, make sure you check their qualifications and credentials.

All examiners at Global Polygraph Solutions have been trained over 12 weeks at the British Polygraph Academy. The Academy has been accredited by the British Accreditation Council (who accredit all universities, academies and other educational establishments in the United Kingdom) and the American Polygraph Association (APA). All of the company’s examiners are members of the British and European Polygraph Association and British Polygraph Network. They are practising polygraph examiners with over 5 years' experience and have conducted more than 500 examinations each to resolve ‘Finding the Truth’ in a diverse range of circumstances. Research in the USA estimates the accuracy of examinations taken by these highly skilled examiners to be as high as 85 to 90%.

Accuracy of lie detector tests

At Global Polygraph Solutions our examiners use the latest technology and digital instruments. Our expertise allows us to formulate the most appropriate set of questions in any given scenario, so we can provide a sophisticated solution in establishing the truth.

We specialise in “Finding the Truth” in all aspects of corporate, fraud, governmental, financial and private polygraph investigations.

Global Polygraph Solutions David Thompson Certificate 30 Years Exemplary Metropolitan Police Department
Global Polygraph Solutions David Thompson Advanced Examiners Course Certificate
Global Polygraph Solutions David Thompson American Polygraph Association Membership Certificate
Global Polygraph Solutions David Thompson British Accreditation Council Certificate
Global Polygraph Solutions David Thompson British European Polygraph Association Membership Certificate
Global Polygraph Solutions David Thompson British Polygraph Academy Graduate Certificate
Global Polygraph Solutions David Thompson Hertfordshire Constabulary Commendation Certificate
Global Polygraph Solutions David Thompson Metropolitan Police Commendation Certificate
Global Polygraph Solutions David Thompson Special Tribunal Lebanon Certificate

    Lie Detector Test Services

    Private Lie Detector Test
    • Care-providers and Domestic Staff
    • Theft and Assault
    • Infidelity
    • Paternity Testing
    • Family Disputes
    • Sexual Abuse
    Corporate Lie Detector Test
    • Corporate Investigations
    • Employment Screening
    Government Lie Detector Test
    • Terrorism
    • Criminal Cases
    • Secrecy Clearance

    Polygraph test? Lie detector test? Which is correct?

    The term “polygraph” means “many writings”. It’s named after the testing procedure: several physiological responses are measured at the same time to detect signs of deception. This discipline is called forensic psychophysiology.

    The combination of “psychology” and “physiology” refers to the relationship of the mind and body;  the Polygraph Instrument measures physical responses to thoughts and emotions. (For this reason a polygraph examiner is also known as a forensic psychophysiologist.) A polygraph instrument  is used in performing lie detector tests, so both terms are used interchangeably.

    COVID-19: Additional safety precautions for clients

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    Ensuring your safety during our polygraph tests

    At Global Polygraph Solutions we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our clients, and we recognise that safety is of paramount importance. In order to mitigate increased risks when undertaking a lie detector test in the current coronavirus environment, we have introduced measures that you can read more about here.