Global Polygraph Solutions is a private company with offices situated in London (UK) and The Hague Netherlands. This company offers an optimum opportunity of establishing the truth. We have a unique skill set of professionally accredited polygraph examiners who are led by the founder of the company who has over 30 years’ experience undertaking interviews as a Scotland Yard Detective with an additional 5 years running a team of International Investigators.

The experience of undertaking interviews in the most complex and sophisticated investigations for over 35 years across the globe, in diverse circumstances, mean that we are both confident and capable of handling all investigative challenges brought to us. Our proven track record of undertaking time critical decisions in the most demanding circumstances allows us to formulate the most appropriate questions to accommodate a given scenario leading to us providing a sophisticated solution in establishing the truth.

We specialize in ‘Finding the Truth’ in all aspects of corporate, fraud, financial, and private investigations. We deliver comprehensive ‘pre and in’ employment screening and vetting processes to companies who employ individuals at high risk to themselves, their staff, and clients of their organizations.

All our examiners are fully accredited and members of the American Polygraph Association (APA), British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA) and the British Polygraph Network (BPN).We all use the latest ‘Hi Specification’ Digital Instruments. We have been vetted to the highest levels, worked with National and International Intelligence Services and can undertake the most sensitive investigations in a discrete and totally confidential manner.

British Polygraph Academy

American Polygraph Association


British Polygraph Network