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We have always heard about lie detectors in police investigations and detective shows. A lie detector test is a device that measures the involuntary or physiological changes in a subject's body when the subject responds to a statement or question.

The lie detector test uses a combination of psychology and physiology. It mainly concerns the relationship between mind and body. It measures the response of thoughts and emotions. The instrument used is a polygraph.

The most accurate lie detector test is performed by attaching sensors to the concerned person's body to measure physiological reactions such as heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, etc. During the test, the individual is asked a series of relevant and irrelevant questions, and their responses are recorded and analysed by a trainer examiner.

Although there are controversies regarding the accuracy of these lie detector tests, the efficiency of certified lie detector tests is such that they continue to be used in specific legal and employment settings.

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Professional lie detector test caters to the following:

  • Private Lie detector test: Family dispute, sexual dispute, paternity testing, theft assault, care providers and domestic staff.
  • Government Lie Detector test: Secrecy clearance, criminal cases, and terrorism.
  • Corporate Lie detector test: Corporate investigations, Employment screening.

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Polygraphs are viral lie detector tests in Dubai. They measure physiological arousal factors like blood pressure, heart rate, perspiration, respiration, and skin conductivity. The experts adhere to respected professional bodies' codes, ethics, and principles. They are experienced in dealing with embarrassing and sensitive issues confidentially.

The lie detector test in Dubai is used by most law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Do you need an affordable lie detector test near me that is qualified and experienced? Local lie detector tests use state-of-the-art equipment and maintain the standard for conducting polygraph lie detection tests. The lie detector test in the United Arab Emirates is for all private, commercial, and individual issues.

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A polygraph examiner can look at the graphs during and after the test and see whether the essential signs (heart rate, perspiration, blood pressure) changed significantly on any of the questions. A significant change (such as a faster heart rate, increased perspiration or higher blood pressure) indicates that the person is lying.

The polygraph test is the safest in Dubai, and it does not have any disadvantages.

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A lie detector test, also known as a polygraph test, is a method used to assess truthfulness or deception in responses to specific questions. It measures physiological responses such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and skin conductivity, which can indicate stress or deception.

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lie detector test in Dubai

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Lie Detector Test Services

Private Lie Detector Test
  • Care-providers and Domestic Staff
  • Theft and Assault
  • Infidelity
  • Paternity Testing
  • Family Disputes
  • Sexual Abuse
Corporate Lie Detector Test
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Employment Screening
Government Lie Detector Test
  • Terrorism
  • Criminal Cases
  • Secrecy Clearance

Polygraph test? Lie detector test? Which is correct?

The term “polygraph” means “many writings”. It’s named after the testing procedure: several physiological responses are measured at the same time to detect signs of deception. This discipline is called forensic psychophysiology.

The combination of “psychology” and “physiology” refers to the relationship of the mind and body;  the Polygraph Instrument measures physical responses to thoughts and emotions. (For this reason a polygraph examiner is also known as a forensic psychophysiologist.) A polygraph instrument  is used in performing lie detector tests, so both terms are used interchangeably.

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