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Corporate Lie Detector Test

Background screening, security vetting, cases of fraud, property or intellectual theft, sexual harassment, and any form of deception... A professional lie detector test will establish the credibility of different individuals’ versions of events.

Polygraph testing in corporate investigations

Corporate investigations form a large part of our activities. Sometimes it’s to establish the integrity of staff members who may harm the reputation of an organisation for personal gain or through unethical conduct. In other cases, disputes over missing stock items are cleared up through polygraph examinations.

In incidents of theft, fraud, and armed robbery of cash in transit our polygraph exams have uncovered instances of inside agents conspiring to facilitate the crimes.

Other areas that can benefit from a professionally conducted polygraph examination include offences of intellectual property mismanagement and insider dealing, as well as the unauthorised disclosure of sensitive information or data.

The experienced examiners at Global Polygraph Solutions can assist you in all facets of your corporate investigations.


Corporate client that sustained a £70K loss of equipment

Following is a testimonial from a corporate client that sustained a £70K loss of equipment which, circumstances suggested, must have been committed by an employee. All 11 potential suspects were polygraphed and all except one passed.

"Hi, David. Of course, you can use my comments. You have made such a positive impact on our business. I do believe your test made a difference when our insurance underwriter considered our claim. As you know, in principle, they should have turned it down as they don’t cover theft by employees. The fact they will pay it can only be because your test and what we did made them believe it was a genuine theft and not gross misconduct in our part…

Many, many thanks. Next time you are around, please drop by. We’d all like to say hi and thank you in person!!! Everyone liked you very much, even [****] was saying today that your composure in those difficult days reassured him.

Just to let you know that I have been informed that our insurance company will pay for the claim. I strongly believe doing the test has been the thing that tipped it in our favour. I only have words of gratitude and I wish I could express my gratitude in a better way.

Thank you so much, thank you."

Expert Employment Screening

and internal investigations

Expert Employment Screening

We deliver comprehensive pre- and in-employment screening and vetting processes to companies whose employees may pose a risk to themselves, their staff and/or clients.

Internal Investigations

When an individual in a position of trust acts unethically, it undermines the business and can cause the workplace to become an unpleasant and even toxic environment. This impacts on the morale of staff, causing demotivation and a reduction in performance and profit margins.

Offences vary from the straightforward pilfering of cash, to the repeated theft of property both real and intellectual. Some lie their way into a job by falsifying educational credentials or employment history. Others spy and steal technical and other information for the benefit of competitive organisations.

The reality is that some employees are controlled by an addictive behaviour pattern such as alcohol, gambling or drug abuse. This often leads to individuals adopting a “double life” and acting unethically to finance their hidden lifestyle.

In still other cases, foreign intelligence services may obtain employment for their agents in leading companies so that they can steal industrial trade and technological secrets.

Internal investigations, when conducted properly, can identify staff members who present the most significant risks to your organisation.

The examiners at Global Polygraph Solutions are highly trained and experienced investigators. They formulate investigative strategies and plans that will lead to the identification of unethical individuals.

The lie detector test is a really useful tool to inform your risk assessment process; it lets you manage the threats where intelligence has identified an individual or group behaving unethically.

Formulating the most appropriate questions is vital in a polygraph examination. Our examiners have the acquired experience and insight to ask the right questions. This gives them (and our clients) an advantage in the pursuit of truth.

Lie Detector Test Services

Private Lie Detector Test
  • Care-providers and Domestic Staff
  • Theft and Assault
  • Infidelity
  • Paternity Testing
  • Family Disputes
  • Sexual Abuse
Corporate Lie Detector Test
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Employment Screening
Government Lie Detector Test
  • Terrorism
  • Criminal Cases
  • Secrecy Clearance

Polygraph test? Lie detector test? Which is correct?

The term “polygraph” means “many writings”. It’s named after the testing procedure: several physiological responses are measured at the same time to detect signs of deception. This discipline is called forensic psychophysiology.

The combination of “psychology” and “physiology” refers to the relationship of the mind and body;  the Polygraph Instrument measures physical responses to thoughts and emotions. (For this reason a polygraph examiner is also known as a forensic psychophysiologist.) A polygraph instrument  is used in performing lie detector tests, so both terms are used interchangeably.

COVID-19: Additional safety precautions for clients

Container with alcohol gel, gloves and surgical mask on the light blue background

Ensuring your safety during our polygraph tests

At Global Polygraph Solutions we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our clients, and we recognise that safety is of paramount importance. In order to mitigate increased risks when undertaking a lie detector test in the current coronavirus environment, we have introduced measures that you can read more about here.