Internal Investigations

Whilst a sensitive area to appcorporate_investigationsroach, it can be the case some individuals who are in a position of trust may act unethically. This can be anything from the straight forward theft of cash to the repeated theft of property both real and intellectual. There are those that have been deceptive to gain employment through the falsification of educational credentials or employment history to others who are in fact spying and stealing for the benefit of competitive organisations.

Many competitors will employ corporate spies to gather intelligence or technical information on their competitor’s ground breaking advancements or technology. In still other cases, foreign intelligence services may engage in industrial espionage by obtaining employment for their agents in leading companies so that they can steal industrial trade and technological secrets. Internal investigations, when conducted properly, can identify staff members who present the most significant risks to your organisation.

The examiners at Global Polygraph Solutions are highly trained and experienced investigators who can guide or contribute to your internal investigations. Our examiners can formulate investigative strategies and investigation plans that will lead to the identification of these individuals. The formulation of the correct questions is the vital ingredient in a polygraph examination that places our examiners in the best place to verify the truth.