Infidelity / Paternity Testing / Family Disputes

Infidelity / Paternity Testing / Family Disputes (thefts / wills and probate). When the trust between your closest family members or partners comes into question then this often rapidly leads to a complete deterioration in relationships with the significant associated consequences of increased stress and undermining confidence and the ability to live your life both at home and elsewhere. A Polygraph test, administered by our highly qualified examiners, offers a quick and effective solution to either confirm these suspicions and adapt your life appropriately, or, to identify the verified integrity of the person in question and allow relationships between both parties to be rekindled before a terminal breakdown.

There are a number of reasons why people suddenly betray the trust of those closest to them and undertake dishonest and uncharacteristic behaviors. The examiners from Global Polygraph Solutions use their considerable investigative experience, gained at Scotland Yard and elsewhere, to undertake Polygraph Examinations using methodologies that are the most likely to produce significant admissions from those examinees who have committed the acts under investigation.