Employment Screening

Global Polygraph Solutions specialises in offering comprehensive employment screening services utilizing experienced examiners who formulate the most appropriate questions for a given scenario. Examiners then use the polygraph instrument to determine the physiological reactions in the body of the examinee to make the most informed assessment of the examinee’s truthfulness.

Pre-employment Screening

Global Polygraph Solution’s pre-employment screening expertise can benefit your organization through the following:

  • assist in establishing if an individual has been completely truthful in their application for employment;
  • helping to determine if a job applicant is a person of integrity;
  • helping to ensure that they are not employed by or representing the interests of a competitor;
  • save companies significant resources in future proceedings;
  • aid in the identification and management of risks associated with deceptive employment situations;
  • contribute to reducing the incidence of fraud and corruption;
  • help to minimize the potential for trade secret and informational loss to corporate intelligence agents.

In-employment Screening

Global Polygraph Solution’s in-employment screening expertise can benefit your organization through tailoring a series of questions to cover the relevant areas of concern. This service often suits organizations that employ or manage individuals who are in significant positions of trust or exposed to high risk on behalf of their corporate organisation, financial institutions or government bodies.  Global Polygraph Solution’s in-employment screening expertise can dramatically enhance an organization’s pre-existing background vetting and security screening program.