Corporate Investigations

corporate investigationsOur examiners are very experienced in the investigation of a wide range of activities. This can be useful to organizations that need to conduct corporate investigation to establish the integrity of staff members who have the capability to harm the reputational risk of an organisation whether this be for personal gain or through unethical conduct. In disputes over the supply of stock and subsequent disposal of these items Polygraph examinations can assist in identifying those that are culpable.

Previous investigations undertaken by these examiners have related to theft, fraud and armed robbery (cash in transit) where inside agents have been used as conspirators in facilitating these offences. Offences relating to intellectual property mismanagement and insider dealing, as well as the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information or data,  are also areas that can benefit from a professionally conducted polygraph examination.

The experienced examiners at Global Polygraph Solutions can assist you in all facets of your corporate investigations.