About Us

Global Polygraph Solutions specializes in using experienced interviewers and fully trained polygraph examiners who are equipped with the latest digital equipment and software to establish the truth of the situation under investigation. The founder and director of the company, David Thompson, retired as a Detective Superintendent from New Scotland Yard after 30 years exemplary service. He has had a unique career path spending 28 years as a Detective and working in the following positions:About Us

  • Drugs Squad
  • Regional/National Crime Squad
  • Money Laundering Team
  • Detective Inspector Flying Squad (Armed robbery)
  • Head of Witness Protection Unit
  • Head of Counter Terrorism Surveillance

After retirement from the Metropolitan Police he went on to lead an international team of investigators for the United Nations mandated Special Tribunal for Lebanon investigating multiple murders and Terrorism offences. Whilst in this role he undertook these investigations in several jurisdictions. He led high profile interviews of both victims and witnesses, including senior politicians, top military figures, and other prominent public figures.

In his career he has been vetted to the highest level and dealt with matters related to both National Security and offences and where individuals’ lives are at risk and has a proven track record in making prudent decisions in a time critical environment.

He has undertaken several Internal Investigations that require both tact and diplomacy in ensuring the investigations are conducted in a discrete manner in order to achieve the optimum outcome.

Whilst at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon he had several Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers and intelligence analysts working on his team and learnt from them that ‘polygraph examinations’ are an essential part of their investigative process. All members of the RCMP, FBI, DEA and CIA are required to take screening examinations on a periodic basis and these are also regularly used to determine the truthfulness of informants particularly in ‘High Risk Threat to Life Operations’ leading to massive savings of vital resources. Having undertaken research which confirmed the benefits of using this technique, when correctly administered, he decided to change career paths and take up this new methodology for conducting interviews. He successfully graduated from the British Polygraph Academy and has formed Global Polygraph Solutions to undertake this work in conjunction with other members of the British Polygraph Network.

All examiners at Global Polygraph Solutions use the latest technology and digital instruments. All have been trained over 12 weeks at the British Polygraph Academy which has been accredited by the British Academic Council and the American Polygraph Association (APA) and all are members of the British and European Polygraph Association. The accuracy of examinations taken by these highly skilled examiners has been estimated following research in the USA to be in the region of 90-95% accurate.