Polygraph Examinations

Polygraph examinations normally take between 2-4 hours to complete. Whilst a lot of people are apprehensive about undertaking a test, our qualified examiners alleviate interviewee concerns by thoroughly explaining the process. Polygraph examinations do not exert pain on the examinee, and they are conducted in quiet environments and subject to audio and video recording. Questions are fully explained in advance of the test so there are no surprises for the examinee. The questions for a Polygraph examination are constructed to follow protocols that polygraph examinationshave been accredited scientifically. The results of the examination are digitally recorded using the latest IT Software. On some occasions it is possible to give an initial assessment of the outcome of the test but at other times a more detailed examination of the test data needs to take place before reaching a conclusion. Global Polygraph Solutions have all their test data results analysed by an independent British Polygraph Academy Accredited examiner. A full written report detailing the results of polygraph examinations is prepared and dispatched to the client within 72 hours of each test.